The Werners on Haight

On the 13th September Amanda’s sister Margret had a beautiful baby girl named Sula. I finally got to go meet this niece of mine a couple weeks ago in a 48 hour trip to the Bay Area. We did lots of fun stuff: went for a hike, had great Mission burritos, cooked (a couple of times), went to surprisingly delicious vegan raw food and spent some time shopping in the Haight. But mostly it was just fun to get some hang time with some of our Californian relatives and to meet my beautiful new niece.

Margret and Sula go for a hike Amanda jumps while Jeremy checks his email and I document the whole business Amanda stands by a fire hydrant

We always have a great time when we visit Margret and Jeremy and this trip was no exception. We’re blessed to have great siblings in lots of great places.

Raw vegan cake

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  1. nalZenThignee
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    Hello, I am Santa. Just come here to say Hello. Lol.

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