Days 2-4: The great purge

My Workspace After

As the result of an unfortunate infestation we’ve been motivated to finally undertake the great purge of stuff that we’ve been discussing for months. This project has been all consuming for two of the last three days, but has had the lovely effect of re-inventing our living and working spaces. It feels like we’ve finally moved in here, almost a year later. (See a before shot)

I’ve spent the bulk of my time sorting through my stuff, paring it down and re-organizing my workspace. Central to the project was breaking down a wonderful old desk and re-using it’s top with some new supports. This creates a much simpler and more accessible space for the computer, which i replaced with a new iMac.

This time lapse shows me pulling out the existing stuff and breaking down the old desk. It ends in tragedy when i realize i got one trestle in the wrong color and had to go back to Ikea.

My space is done now and we’ve made great progress on the rest of the space too. Clearing out stuff and optimizing your space for the way you use it is so invigorating. My new desk is much more inviting:

New Desk

Never fear, I did find some time for leisure by hitting up the Chelan for a greasy american breakfast and a very tasty bloody mary.

IMG_0537 IMG_0530

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